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Friday , April 10 2020
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Zomato Delivery Man Kidnaps Pet Dog From A House In Pune

In a recent incident, a zomato delivery man walked off with a Pune couple’s pet dog from their home after delivering food. The owner of the Beagle dog, Vandana Shah tweeted about the incident. She mentioned that it happened on Monday. It was around 12 p.m. when she found her dog Dottu missing.

The couple went through the CCTV footage and found that Dottu was last seen playing and roaming inside the premises of her home cum-factory complex premises before he went missing. The couple searched for the dog for hours. They searched the whole neighborhood but couldn’t locate the dog anywhere.

They also went to the police regarding their lost dog, who assured that they will look into the matter. In the meantime, Vandana started enquiring the food delivery guys at a nearby eatery whether they have seen the dog. One of the food delivery guys at an eatery near their home said that he recognized the dog and it was taken away by one of his colleagues.

Vandana managed to get hold of a picture of her dog with the man who took him. The man was identified as one of the food delivery personnel of Zomato named Tushar.

“We took his contact number and asked him about Dottu. Tushar confessed to having picked him up but when we asked him to return the dog, he started making up excuses and said that he had sent him to his village. We also offered him money in exchange for our beagle but he kept on giving us evasive answers and for the last few hours, he has switched off his cell phone,” she said.

Vandana tagged Zomato in her tweet asking for their help as their delivery personnel had kidnapped her pet dog. To which Zomato promptly responded.

The couple also claimed that the police have refused to register their complaint in the matter and has not been cooperating in the case.

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