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Wednesday , July 17 2019
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Youth spins a dog

Youth Spins A Dog And Throws It Against The Wall | Chandigarh

HSI Announces Prize Money of Rs.50,000 for identifying the accused!

Chandigarh: Recently, a video on the Facebook has surfaced, where a youth spins a dog around and throws it against a wall. This video went viral and invited the wrath of animal lovers. HSI ( Humane Society International) has announced a reward of Rs 50,000 for identifying the accused.

A Reward of Rs.50,000 announced

The Humane Society International (HSI), which announced the reward on Thursday, also filed a complaint at the public window of the Chandigarh police in Sector 9. The HSI officials said they had reasons to believe that the incident occurred in Chandigarh as the video was uploaded on a Facebook page from the city on Thursday.

The Viral Video

Youth Spins A Dog & Throws It

In the video,  the youth is seen holding the dog by its legs and then spinning it around with full force, first around his waist, then shoulders and then straight over his head. He looked completely unmindful of the painful squeals of the terrorized dog. Enjoying his cruel act, the youth suddenly throws the dog onto a wall. The dog runs for life, howling in pain, and the youth is seen laughing and he is joined by three more youngsters.

Facebook users, while condemning the act, demanded action against the youth.

Swarnali Roy, consultant for HIS, said, “It is shameful that a defenseless animal was tortured. The way the dog was assaulted indicates a deliberate intent to hurt it. In the past few months, we have witnessed the most horrible cases of cruelty against animals and there will be no end to this until the penalties are increased.“

Sonali, a Chandigarh based campaign coordinator for HIS, said efforts were on to identify the accused.

“We have filed a police complaint.We believe that the incident occurred in Chandigarh, but we will be certain only when the accused and the location are identified,“ she said.

Toothless Law

Pro-animal groups have been trying to get the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, amended as it is lenient towards offenders. Under the Act, a person can get away by paying a fine of just Rs 50 for the first offence.

In the Past

In January this year, a video had gone viral that showed some residents of a housing society in Sector 48 beating up a dog and hanging it upside down from a tree.

Source: The Times Of India

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