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Dog Understands

Your Dog Understands What You’re Saying | Scientists Confirm

Your dog understands you!

A new research has revealed that a dog understands both words and the tone humans use to communicate with them. You better start praising your dog by using positive words!

About the research

In Hungary, the researchers studied 13 trained canines. These dogs were put under a functional MRI machine to monitor the blood flow in their brains. Then a record was played that consisted of various words, spoken by their trainer with varied tones. The dogs heard praise words spoken in a praising tone, praise words spoken in neutral tone, neutral words spoken in a praising tone and neutral words spoken with a neutral tone.

The scientists were astonished to discover that it was the praising words that were said in a praising way showed a reward in the dog’s brain. This means dogs could differentiate between the praise words spoken in a positive tone and the neutral words spoken in a positive tone.

“It shows that for dogs, a nice praise can very well work as a reward, but it works best if both words and intonation match. So dogs not only tell apart what we say and how we say it, but they can also combine the two, for a correct interpretation of what those words really meant,” Attila Andics, the first author of the study and a neuroscientist at Eötvös Loránd University, said in a statement.

The dogs used their left hemisphere of the brain to process the words they knew, and the right to process intonation, like humans, according to the study which was published in the journal Science.

The study also suggests that dogs can recognize about 1000 words.

It is incredible to notice that a dog understands meaningful words when they are spoken with a positive tone. So start being nice to your dogs, because they notice.

Source: FOX NEWS

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