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Vet’s Assistant Dog Comforts Sick Dogs That Come For Treatment

Recently, a picture of an ‘assistant dog’ comforting a patient at a vet’s clinic has gone viral over the internet. The post had over 97, 000 thousand upvotes. The image and the post instantly went viral on various social media platforms leaving many dog lovers emotional. Many people shared stories of losing their pets and about the difficult times they had to go through when their pets got sick. Many people appreciated the assistant dog’s caring nature and the vet for allowing such a wonderful moment.

Time and again, several stories have proven that dogs indeed are man’s best friend. Whether it was the viral photo of dogs waiting for a homeless man outside the hospital entrance or the story of a dog who walked 600 kms with a Sabarimala pilgrim, social media has given up several examples. Yet again, a heartwarming story about a therapy dog has gone viral but this time it is not a human but a dog that is being comforted.

This veterinarian has an assistant doggo to comfort the sick doggo patients and let them know everything is going to be alright from r/pics

Shared on Reddit by a user, who goes by the name ‘Eyebleach’, is an image of two dogs with a caption, “This veterinarian has a comfort dog assistant that helps sick dog patients know that everything will be alright”. The image features two dogs in a frame, while one is lying on the stretcher other seems to be comforting the sick dog.

The veterinarian’s pet dog who also works as a therapy dog, has been comforting patient dogs who visit the veterinarian’s office for treatment or surgery. The cute doggo is always beside his owner and even assists him by calming down the nervous dogs. Veterinarians have a hard time treating nervous and frightened dogs, but with the help of his furry sidekick, assisting him in comforting the dogs, things have become a lot easy.

Source: Indian Express

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