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Sunday , March 29 2020
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Two Stray Dogs Found Dead At MNIT Jaipur

Recently, two stray dogs were found dead with their feet and mouth tied up with a rope at the Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur. The incident happened a day after three dog bite incidents were reported on the campus.

According to dog lovers

Animal lover’s allegations that the institute authorities got the canines killed after the dog bite incident. But the Malaviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT) has denied a charge.

The dogs were found dead on Sunday, but the incident was not reported till yesterday.

Mahesh Swami, technical assistant at MNIT, claimed that Sunday evening his children saw three sacks lying in the campus with some movement inside them.

“By the time I reached the spot, somebody had opened two sacks. A dog was lying dead near an open sack, while another sack was empty. I opened the third sack only to find a dead dog inside. The limbs and the muzzle of the dogs were tied with ropes,” Swami said.

He claimed for few months the institute’s officials had been carrying out a crackdown on canines and a suspected 40-50 dogs may have been killed and buried during the period.

“The dog bite incident, it seems, gave the administration a license to kill them,” he claimed.

The dog that attacked three people on Saturday was allegedly rabid and was impounded by the municipal corporation staff the same day. An MNIT employee claimed that said soon after, the institute administration directed the sweepers to kill the other strays on the campus.

MNIT administration claimed it’s only an order

The MNIT administration, however, claimed that it only ordered to shoo away the dogs.

“A student was bitten and had to be admitted to the ICU. Another student and a guard were also bitten the same day. We are concerned about those on the campus and instructed the security cell to take requisite steps as per law,” said MNIT registrar AK Solanki.

Reference: hindustan times

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