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Friday , April 19 2019
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Tips To Make Healthy Dog Food For German Shepherds

German Shepherds

A German shepherd is a powerful dog breed with a muscular body that craves and loves food.  It also known as the one of the most popular dog breeds in the world.  It’s fun-loving and playful nature makes it a great companion for kids and families. However, a German shepherd ...

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Popular Dog Breeds With Their Common Health Issues

Shih tzu

Getting a dog is a lifetime commitment. As a dog owner, it’s very important for you to know what common health problems your dog breed might suffer from. Here is the list of 5 popular dog breeds and their common health issues that you should know: 1. Siberian Husky Siberian ...

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Beating the Heat: How to Keep Your Dogs Cool In Dubai

Keep Your Dogs Cool In Dubai

Guest post! Summer weather in Dubai is more of a staple than a seasonal effect. In the traditionally labeled summer months, Dubai experiences its hottest with the average temperature peaking upwards of 45°C (113°F). Even in the coldest of months, Dubai sits at around 19°C (66°F). For residents, Dubai’s tropical ...

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Is Your Dog’s Breed Prone To Health Problems?

Dog’s Breed Prone To Health Problems.

Guest post! While purebred dogs are often sought after, the selective breeding process can wreak havoc on their genetics and make them more prone to health problems. The following are ten dog breeds commonly associated with health problems, and what to watch for in each breed. Here’s to caring for ...

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9 Most Healthiest Dog Breeds

Most Healthiest Dog Breeds

Guest post! What dog breeds are the healthiest?  This is a question that is most commonly asked but is not so straight forward to answer. Buying a pet for sale or pets for adoption, whether they’re crossbreed or mongrel, doesn’t always guarantee you the healthiest dog. It is known that ...

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Delta Airlines Allegedly Keeps A Dog Captive For 33 Hours

Delta Airlines Allegedly Keeps A Dog Captive

Recently, an American woman claimed that Delta Airlines held her 8- month- old German shepherd, Bunny, in custody for more than 33 hours over paperwork that airline officials misplaced. Dog hostage It all began last week when Mary Nguyen hired Pet Air Carrier, a private company unaffiliated with Delta, paying ...

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