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Wednesday , April 24 2019
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Foods That You Cannot Share With Your Pet Dog

Dog Health Care Tips

People love their pet dog and treat them as their own kids. They like to share everything with them. However, sharing sweets with your dog is not a good idea, especially candies and chocolates. You can give them sweets if you know what kind of sweets would not affect them ...

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Dentist Helps A Stray Dog With Broken Tooth

Recently, a private practitioner Dr. Roshan Sakharkar who got his medical degree from Government Dental College, helped a stray dog suffering from a broken teeth and a painful condition. He performed root canal surgery on the dog. Being a dog lover himself, he regularly feeds over 30 stray dogs in ...

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Your Dog Has An Upset Stomach: What To Do

Upset dog stomach

Guest post! It’s not uncommon for your furry friend to get an upset stomach from time to time. It doesn’t help even if you have been extra careful or did all the right stuff to prevent this. They could still get a bad stomach day for many reasons. I know ...

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Kidney Infection In Dogs, Symptoms And Prevention

Kidney infection in dogs

Just like humans, dogs can also suffer from  kidney infection. In dogs, it can lead to life-threatening problems such as kidney failure and death if not treated properly and in time. What is Kidney infection? Kidney infection is usually caused by bacteria that enter through the urinary tract including urethra ...

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4 Tips To Boost Your Dog’s Immune System

dog immune system,

Guest post! Just like us, our furry friends have periods when their immune systems need a bit of help. A strong immune system is extremely important because it’s what protects your dog from illnesses. Prevention is always better than a cure, but how do you help your dog stay healthy ...

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5 Common Health Issues In Small Dog Breeds

Common Health Issues In Small Dogs

Are you planning to get a small dog who would be a perfect fit for apartment living? There are many things that you need to consider before getting a small dog breed. One of the most important things to consider before getting a small dog breed is the common health ...

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Vets Save A Dog Infested With 100,000 Fleas

Vets Save A Dog Infested With 100,000 Fleas

A small dog was on the brink of death after it was covered in 100,000 fleas. With the help from a team of veterinarians at Nanaimo SPCA on Vancouver Island, the 14-year-old terrier named Rascal was given another lease on life. When vets first saw the dog, they thought he ...

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Bacterial Infection In Dogs | Dog Health

Bacterial Infection In Dogs

Bacterial infection is a Streptococcus infection that can cause illness in dogs.  Usually, puppies and older dogs are most susceptible to developing this disease because their immune systems are not fully developed or weakened respectively. Please note that when a dog’s immune system is weakened (for any reason), they are ...

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Hygiene Ignorance In Shelters Lead To Health Issues Among Dogs

Shelters Lead To Health Issues Among Dogs

Recently, a Morhabadi-based family took a holiday to Puri, due to the traveling constraints, they left their two-year-old Labrador at a city kennel. When they returned four days later, they brought their dog home and realized that it had picked up Ehrlichiosis a bacterial infection causing high fever and internal organ swelling. Vivek Ranjan, ...

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Neosporin And Dogs, Can They Go Together?

Neosporin and dogs

Guest Post! Due to their activeness, dogs usually have cuts and injuries on their bodies and as concerning dog owners, we usually seek for something to stop the bleeding and sterile the wound. However, not all of us have a cabinet of dog’s medicine for such situation so we often ...

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