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Friday , March 22 2019
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Feeling Guilty For Traveling Without Your Furry Friend?

Feeling Guilty For Traveling Without Your Furry Friend.

Guest post! Separation can be a terrible thing, especially for pets when they’ve gotten used to having their owners around all the time. However, these situations cannot be avoided. Whether the cause be work or personal, owners will have to leave their pets for longer periods of time – and ...

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Keep Your Dog’s Skin And Coat Healthy During The Winter

Dog's Skin And Coat

Does your pet’s skin get dry and the coat loses its shimmer during winters? As winters can be harsh to human skin, cold weather and low humidity can lead to dry, flaky and itchy skin in the dogs. Similar to human skin, dog skin also needs additional care. Here are some tips: Tips to ...

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How To Stop Dogs From Eating Dirt

Dogs eat dirt for lots of reasons; some are extremely minor while some are quite serious. In case your pooch eats dirt once in a while, it is nothing to get stressed over. He might be trying to find or eat something that is buried underneath the dirt! On the ...

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