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Sunday , March 24 2019
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What Does Your Dog’s Bark Mean?

barking feauted image

We believe that trying to understand a dog’s bark is quite similar to understanding a baby’s cry. While mothers’ can easily tell from a baby’s cry whether they are hungry, hurt or need a diaper change, it is not easy to decode the bark of a dog.

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Funny Pet Laws Across The World

strange pet laws

Recently, we came across some amusing pet laws across the world and we had to share them with all you guys. Some of these pet laws are downright  weird and absolutely funny. Check out our list of funny pet laws that we have compiled for you.  1. Turin, Italy If ...

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A Pet Dog Saved Lives Of 5 Family Members In Shimla

Pet dog Saved Life_1

“Our loving dog saved us all.” Recently, a pet dog saved the lives of 5 members of a family in Shimla. The whole incidence took place during heavy snow fall in Shimla. Pet dog saved lives of owner’s family A retired railway employee, Ramesh Dutt said, “Our pet dog, Brawny ...

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