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Wednesday , April 24 2019
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Is Your Dog Suffering From Anxiety?

Dog Anxiety

Just like humans, dogs experience anxiety too. There are several factors that affect a dog’s outlook, usually as a result of fear or a traumatic experience. Dog owners must always be wary of the symptoms and signs to watch out for. Read on to further understand dog anxiety, its telltale ...

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Why Does My Dog Pee In the House?

dog pee in a house

Guest post! Urine marking is innate in dogs. Though marking is not a bad thing, it usually ends up in spoiling your rugs, furniture or flooring and a smelly home. Although stopping dogs from marking their territory can be very difficult because it’s instinctual, there are ways to reduce or ...

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Stress Can Turn Even Your Dog’s Hair Gray

Dog’s Hair Gray

Going gray due to stress and anxiety is an inseparable part of being human, but a new research suggests that we are not alone. A study on dogs reveals that stress may give your four-legged pooch a `salt-and-pepper’ look. Stress makes dogs go gray Researchers from Northern Illinois University (NIU) in the ...

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