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Thursday , January 17 2019
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Bengaluru Dogs Get Their Own Cab Service

paw cab services

A Bengaluru-based entrepreneur, Amrut Sridher has started a cab service, Paw Cabs, for pet dogs which can be booked easily like any other app-based taxi. The Paw cab has a maximum travel limit for 10 kilometres. Paw Cab services “This online cab service is for smaller pets like dogs and ...

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How Dogs Show Their Love To Us

Dog Cute Images

Dogs share a special chemistry with humans. They have the ability to understand us via actions, gestures, voice, scent etc. But how can we understand them and learn how much they love us? Here are the 8 ways.

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A Sterilized Dog Gave Birth To 6 Puppies In Mohali

sterillized dog

Mohali Municipal commissioner, Bhupinder Pal Singh has asked to a local authority about a detailed report regarding stray dogs sterilization after the incident of a sterilized dog giving birth in the city. The matter was highlight when a stray dog gave birth to 6 pups despite being sterilized in a ...

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A Dog Died Due To Lack Of Blood Donors In Kolkata

Boxer dog

A pet dog named Ghontu died due to lack of blood donors in Kolkata. Ghontu was suffering from a terrible gastric problem that led to blood loss. “When the vet told me Ghontu needed blood transfusion, I called about 20 dog-owners, pleading with them to donate their dog’s blood to ...

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