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Wednesday , August 14 2019
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Suspected Dog Meat Seized At Egmore Railway Station In Chennai

Recently, Tamil Nadu Food safety officials found over 1000 kg of dog meat at Egmore railway station in Chennai.

The Railway Protection Force personnel on the platform smelled foul odor coming from some boxes that were unloaded at platform number 5. On asking the people about why the boxes smelled so bad, the men unloading the boxes ran away.

Officials Report

They notified Food Safety Department that sent a special team led by Dr R Kathiravan. The officials thoroughly checked the bodies as most of them didn’t had legs but had long tails. Officials’ belief that the bodies had been dressed up to avoid being identified as a specific animal. Sample of the seized meat was sent to Madras Veterinary College at Vepery. The officials say that the meat could be of several small animals as hoofs and legs were removed strategically to avoid identification.

Dr. Kathiravan said that the consignment was marked as fish and meat and was transported in thermocol boxes which is odd as meat should always be transported frozen. It is not clear why the meat was transported this way and who is responsible for killing and trading dog meat in the city as nobody came to claim the consignment.

Food Safety officials said that if this had gone undetected, this meat would have been sold in city as “Rajasthan meat” for INR 150 per Kg.


Investigation continues

As per preliminary investigation, it has been found that the parcels were packed with ice and had been booked at Gandhidham in Gujarat, loaded on to the Jodhpur-Mannargudi Express at Jodhpur junction in Rajasthan.

The consignment didn’t contain the addresses or names of the consigner or consignee. FSD officials have asked railway officials in Gandhidham to investigate and share information.

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