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Saturday , March 28 2020
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Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone Stands For Shelter/Street Dogs In PETA Campaign

Recently, Sunny Leone appeared in an advertisement from PETA with a headline “Be an Angel for Animals! Adopt a Dog From the Street or a Shelter.”

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) took an initiative to support street dog welfare and adoption. Actress Sunny Leone joined this cause of PETA in order to save street/shelter dogs. Sunny Leone has a huge fan base across the globe and in India. She wants to draw the attention of her fans toward the plight of dogs waiting in animal shelters in the hope of getting adopted, and the dogs that are suffering on the street.

She believes that adoption is the only way to resolve this stray dog issue. Buying of dogs like objects is an inhumane way of treating these beautiful and loving creatures.

“I believe in not buying – and adopting … because there are so many dogs out there (who) need a home, (who) were left on the streets. If you can rescue an animal, then that’s one of the greatest gifts you can give somebody,” she said in a statement.

PETA and Sunny Leone promote sterilization of animals

Sterilization is a routine procedure that requires an affordable surgery. It can prevent thousands of animals from being born only to suffer and struggle to survive on the streets, be abused by cruel or neglectful people, or end up in animal shelters. Sterilizing eliminates the stress and discomfort that females endure during heat and greatly reduces the risk of developing mammary cancer. It also makes males far less likely to roam or fight.

Source: Indian Express

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