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Sunday , March 29 2020
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Stray Dogs Scare In Public Parks

Stray Dogs Scare In Public Parks Of Sector 49 & 50 In Chandigarh

Recently, Chandigarh Municipal Corporation has been receiving a number of complaints from the residents regarding threats of being bitten by stray dogs inside public parks in sector 49 and 50.

Especially senior citizens and women are under a lot of mental stress after the presence of stray dogs increased in the parks in the last few months. The residents say that they feel constantly under threat from these stray dogs that roam freely in the public parks.

The park in Sector 49 has a huge footfall of residents, who come there to exercise and walk. But the presence of the stray dogs scare them away from entering the park and they end up walking on roads.

Among residents, large groups of senior citizens also come for their walks in the parks.

Ujagar Singh , a resident of Sector 48, said, “More than 12 dogs roam around in the park, which is not only a nuisance but also an imminent danger to visitors, specially elders.”

Another senior citizen of Sector 49-B Jagtiar Singh said, “Complaints have been made to the MC a number of times, but these stray dogs still remain there. People save their dignity, we try to save our legs from the dogs.”

The residents feel that the stray dog menace has increased as some residents offer biscuits and milk to these dogs due to which they enter the park in hope to get food.

Smita Mehra, a resident of Sector 50 said, “I always carry two-three stones with me to scare away the dogs in case they attack.”

What can be done to fix the situation here? Share your ideas and thoughts with us in the comments below!

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