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Wednesday , October 23 2019
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Stray Dog Rescues Woman From Sexual Predator In Bhopal

A stray dog in Madhya Pradesh’s Bhopal rescued a woman from being molested by one of her neighbours. A case has been registered against the accused with the Chhola police.

Time and again, we hear of instances which illustrate how a dog is a man’s best friend. One such incident has come to light from the state capital of Madhya Pradesh where a stray dog rescued a 29-year-old woman from being molested insider her own home by a neighbor who barged into the house and attempted to sexually assault her on Sunday.

The incident took place on Sunday afternoon when the woman, a resident of a residential colony in Bhopal’s Chhola area, was alone at home. A stray dog who is often cared for by the colony’s residents called ‘Sheru’, was inside the woman’s home. A doorbell at around 3 pm woke the canine from his slumber and he saw a man trying to molest the woman.

Sheru attacked the man and managed to chase him away but incurred severe injuries during the attack. In her complaint to the Chhola police, the woman claims that the man in question is a neighbor of hers identified as Sunil. He is jobless and is known to create a nuisance, said the complainant. She also told police officials how Sunil stabbed Sheru as the animal was trying to protect her which led to a gush of blood from the dog’s front limb.

Radheyshyam Raigar, Station House Officer (SHO) of the Chhola police station told Times of India that a complaint has been registered in this regard adding that a stray dog known as Sheru who is fed regularly by residents of the colony saved the woman by foiling the accused’s molestation attempt. The accused is currently on the run while the stray underwent a medical examination.

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Source: Timesnownews

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