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Wednesday , July 17 2019
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Stray dog menace

Stray Dog Menace Troubling Residents OF Sector 47 Chandigarh

Recently, stray dog menace in sector 47 have caused a scare among the local residents. The population of stray dogs continue to multiply even with the best controlling efforts by the municipal corporation.

Stray dog menace

The local resident welfare association (RWA) has claimed that the roads belong to these packs that charge at every passerby, cyclist, or driver to chase them off their territory. Their menace doesn’t let senior citizens out to walk or children out to play without supervision.  Some of the local stray dogs have also occupied the driveways and attack every visitor.

What local residents say?

Hrudananda Behera, one of the resident of sector 47-C said:

 “A stray dogs that keeps sitting around the staircase of my house keeps jumping at people all day. His terror is so much that one needs to muster a good amount of courage before venturing out.”

Another resident, Gurmit Handa said:

“Once I had to save my life from a pack that started chasing me a few feet from my house. I carry a stick since to scare them away.

The children fear moving around roads. In the evening especially, their number increases. Many parents have stopped allowing their children to stay out after dark.

Local resident Mukesh Sinha said:

“The stray dog menace is there in almost the entire city but it has become severe in Sector 47. When these street dogs chase people, they are looking for food. If the municipal authorities can’t remove these dogs, it should vaccinate the canines against rabies, to protect the people these mongrels bite.”

Feeding stray dogs causes problems

Residents say that as many people are in the habit of feeding stray dogs, the dogs have started to expect the same from everyone. If people don’t feed the dogs, the packs get violent.

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