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Wednesday , October 23 2019
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Stray Dog Bites 26 People In A Day In UP

In a freak incident, 26 people were attacked by one stray dog on Wednesday in Rampur district of Uttar Pradesh. The incident caused a panic among the locals in the area. The people who were attacked included children, senior citizens and other people who were walking in the area. They were taken to the district hospital for treatment.

What Happened?

In Kotwali area, a stray dog targeted 26 people and bit them. There were children, senior citizens and other people who were victims of the bite attack. The locals were fearful of going outside and some even barged into random residences to avoid the canine attack.

The district office sent a team to assess the situation quickly and provide relief to the people who got injured during the stray dog attack. The team quickly took control of the situation and took the victims to the district hospital for emergency treatment.

Statement by City Magistrate

O.P. Tiwari, city magistrate of Rampur district said, “The stray dog was caught and people in the area were informed about it. There is no panic-like situation now.”

One of the victims, Imran, shared his experience with the media,

“I was walking on the road when a dog that had already attacked two others, pounced on me. I have suffered injuries on my right hand and leg. People were running to save themselves.”

ANI sources revealed that some family members of victims complained that the hospital didn’t have anti-rabies injection and they had to fetch them from elsewhere.

Reference: IndiaToday

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