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Thursday , May 28 2020
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Rickshawala Wraps Dog In A Blanket And Gives It A Ride!

Pictures of a rickshawala giving a dog, wrapped cosily in a blanket, a ride is going viral on the internet. Twitter is in love with the images.

Winter are that time of the year when we all just want to roll ourselves up in a warm blanket and just cuddle up inside our beds. Though we have the privilege of staying in, a lot of animals, especially street dogs, have to brave the winter without any help.

A viral tweet on a dog wrapped up in a blanket is giving our hearts a lot of warmth in the chilling winter. An image shared by a Twitter user @sevdazola is going viral for the most heartwarming reasons.

The picture shows a rickshawala riding his vehicle on the streets, but when one looks closer at the picture it shows a dog cosily sitting on it with a blanket wrapped around its body.

The pictures were shared on Twitter with the caption, “Zoom in on the rickshaw and thank the heavens later.” And we surely are thanking the heavens.

The selfless act of the rickshawala has left the internet speechless and is melting hearts of netizens. People thanked the Twitter user for sharing the beautiful pictures with them and making their day. Here’s what Twitter is saying:

This is the most wholesome tweet that we have seen in a while! This viral tweet already had over 1282 retweets and 5.4k likes.

As for the weather in Delhi, the capital saw a marginal respite from the bone-chilling cold wave. Delhi-NCR witnessed a slight increase in temperature on Thursday. The temperature was recorded at 5.8 degree Celsius near Safdarjung area of Delhi at 6:30 am.

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