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Sunday , August 18 2019
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Rescue Team Saved A Dog

Rescue Team Saved A Dog From Florence Flooding In The US

Humane Society of Missouri saved a little Maltese terrier named Soshe who was trapped in a flooded house for nearly a week due to Hurricane Florence. The dog was trapped in its house for about a week until a rescue team came to save him.

Soshe’s owner called Pender County Animal Control for help. Humane Society of Missouri (HSMO) team which is working out of the Pender County Animal Control office drove all the way to North Carolina to rescue animals trapped by the storms when they got a call about Soshe.

“Every morning, we received our missions for the day and we were given what possible rescues are out there that we need to go check on. The team had rescued several dogs, cats and even horses while patrolling in North Carolina” Chad Gard, one of HSMO’s Disaster Team members.

The HSMO team said that Soshe was out there and needed help, but every day they failed to locate the home.

“The entire neighborhood was underwater, so only the roofs were showing. We couldn’t go off the description [of the house] because we could only see the roof ,” Gard said.

About a week after the storm hit, Soshe’s house became visible when the water level dropped. Gard and the HSMO team went out again to find Soshe.

“We saw part of the [house] number … And as we got close to the house, we could hear the dog barking. Once we got it open a little bit, Jessica saw the dog sitting on top of the couch that was sitting in the living room. We got the door open far enough so Jessica could get inside. Crampton swam inside, grabbed the small dog and squeezed through the door,” said  Gard.

Gard grabbed Soshe from Jessica and swam him over to their boat. After a week alone, Soshe had been saved. Gard said the pup was in surprisingly good shape.

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This is not the first time HSMO has responded to a natural disaster outside of its home state. Last year, the team went to Houston to help rescue animals after Hurricane Harvey.

“We feel very privileged we’re giving the opportunity to help out, whether it be our state or another state,” Gard said.

Reference: CBSnews

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