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Thursday , May 28 2020
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PetBot – Now Your Dog Can Take A Selfie

Now, you can feel closer to your pet dog even when you are not at home. PetBot is the first of its kind smart device that uses something called “petificial intelligence.” It comes installed with an app that is also available on iOS and Android. This gadget along with its app allows you to activate specific commands to your dog in your voice, helps you keep an eye on your furry baby via live cam, and also lets you give treats to your pet from anywhere.

Source: PetBot


Source: PetBot

It can recognize your dog’s face and can click a selfie after giving out a treat as a reward. You’ll get a real-time notification about your dog’s selfie and you’ll also be able to view it on your smartphone.

Peace of mind!

Now you don’t have to fret about neighbors complaining about your pet dog barking or howling too much. PetBot uses a sound sensor with “bark recognition” assist that can alert you instantly. You can play your own voice recording or any other sound via this device to direct your pet’s attention and calm them down.

Source: PetBot

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