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Pawsasia, A Non-Profit Organization In Mumbai, India

“Hands that help are holier than lips that pray…”

Plant & Animals Welfare Society (PAWSASIA) is one of the top and oldest non- profit organizations in Dombivli, Mumbai – India. This organization has helped numerous stray dogs over the period of 19 years. They help stray dogs get medical care, rescue them and help them get adopted etc.

PAWS was officially registered as an NGO in 2001 by Nilesh Bhanage and his college friends. They are affiliated with many animal welfare charities like royal SPCA, United Kingdom, OIPA and WVS.  It’s grown into a big non-profit organization with a network of 300 registered members connected via a Google group and over 100 volunteers.


PAWS Journey

The journey of PAWS began in 1998 with a group of youngsters who used to treat animals on roads with help of vets. It was officially registered on 11th January 2001, when a few youngsters felt the need to bring a new and unique transformation in animal welfare field. They created PAWS, i.e. Plant & Animals Welfare Society with mission to voice the distress of the animals.

PAWS never looked back. The Organization grew step by step by being dedicated to their chosen mission and vision. PAWS volunteers played an excellent role by picking up strays, putting them into ambulance, taking them to hospitals for sterilization and vaccination, and finally discharging them into their individual regions.

In October 2001, PAWS received its first ambulance as a donation from Mr. Anil Kataria of Ahmednagar SPCA, only on the basis of the genuine hard work that dedicated members of this organization put in. Now, PAWS has 3 ambulances.

PAWS team

PAWS has 10 people’s staff, and more than 100 volunteers supporting them.

PAWS Campaigns for stray dogs

Magic collars project

They made, distributed and gave magic collars for stray dogs that glow at night. It helped prevent stray dogs from being a road kill.

Project water bowl

 During the summer season, they ran a water bowl project, where they installed water bowls for stray dogs all across Mumbai.

PAWS collected milk from temples & fed to all street dogs

As we know that a lot of milk gets wasted in temples in the name of religious practice. They collected the milk that would have been thrown away, and fed it to street dogs.

They received 20+ Liters of milk from Rotract Club of Dombivli, Sun-City that collected milk from various Shiv-Temples. PAWS Team utilized the milk, boiled it, diluted it and fed the stray dogs Dombivli city!

PAWS Achievements

  1. Country’s 1st Email Newsletter on Animals Welfare started by PAWS in year 2001.
  2. Thane Districts 1st Animal Ambulance started by PAWS. Also runs largest animal rescue facility in Thane District.
  3. First NGO in country that started making Sparrow homes out-of unwanted school furniture since 2003.
  4. First NGO in country to conduct awareness programs on animal rights on Andaman & Nicobar Islands.
  5. First NGO to introduce Small drinking water bowls for animals/birds project in 2007 in Thane District.

PAWS Awards

Paws and its volunteers till date have received many awards and its “work” have been featured on many platforms. Here are some pictures

PAWS founder Nilesh received awards from administration of Andaman and Nicobar Islands for conducting massive awareness programs and reaching to over plus kids.

PAWS awarded as the Top Non- Profit Organization in India

Nilesh received award from PETA’S founder Ingrid Newkirk for invaluable work done for the welfare of animals

We salute PAWSASIA for being a founding stone for all NGOs trying to work for animal welfare. We wish them all the best for their future endeavors, support their mission wholeheartedly to help stray dogs in need. For more information about Pawsasia and to donate for their cause, visit Pawsasia!

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