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Wednesday , February 20 2019
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40 Dog Bite Cases Reported Daily In The City | Chandigarh

In Chandigarh, on an average, 35 to 40 dog-bite cases are reported daily at the two dedicated dispensaries for dog bite cases in sectors 19 and 38.

The Chandigarh Municipal Corporation assigned the work of stray dog sterilization at Rs 1,079 per dog to a Madhya Pradesh-based agency in September last year. According to sources, the agency completes over 300 sterilizations per month, in fact last month, it was 407.

Residents Not Happy With MC

The residents of Chandigarh are not satisfied with the performance of MC towards tackling stray dog menace in the city. Some believe that MC is not properly monitoring the organization responsible for performing surgeries on stray dogs.

They hardly carry out regular sterilization drives in the city. The MC lacks timely and regular action on stray menace.

Some residents recommended that there should be awareness campaigns done by the MC about dog bites and situations dealing with stray dogs. They should aware people on what to do if someone is bitten by a dog.

A 24-hour dedicated helpline can also help people in the city to deal with stray dog menace.

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