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Wednesday , October 23 2019
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Nagpur MC Starts Dog ABC Drive Today

Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) is going to restart all its stray dog sterilization activities from today onward. Satara NGO Vet For Animal has been assigned with the Animal Birth Control Program task.

It will be commenced at the Veterinary Hospital on Maharajbagh Road. The hospital can only treat 40 dogs per day and the agency is targeting to complete sterilization of 20-25 dogs on a daily basis.

According to sources, NMC is going to pay INR 700 for per ABC procedure to the agency. The agency is responsible for treatment and keeping of dogs for at least a period of 3 days before leaving them back at their designated locations.

NMC is going to start with stray dogs from public places such as railway station, bus stops and airport. Once all public locations are completed then it will move to residential localities.

Rising Canine Population Issue

Nagpur Municipal corporation data says that there are around 90,000 stray dogs in the city. The rise in the canine population is beacause NMC was unable to execute the ABC program properly and on a regular basis.

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