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Mohali MC Plans To Reduce Anxiety Levels Of Aggressive Stray Dogs

To reduce the anxiety levels of aggressive stray dogs on city roads during summers – Mohali Municipal Corporation will start working on a stray dog management system.

Apart from sterilizing stray dogs, the MC is in the process of engaging an NGO which will fit electronic chips in each dog after sterilization and record data about the area to which the dog belongs and the date of sterilization.

Hans said, “The NGO claimed that apart from conducting a survey of stray and pet dogs, expert veterinary doctors engaged by the NGO will work on reducing anxiety levels of aggressive dogs after identifying them. Such dogs will be kept under observation and undergo treatment for four to five days before being released into the area from where they were captured. The NGO claims that this will help reduce stray dog bite cases in the city. NGO will conduct a survey to identify the most dog bite prone areas as well.”

Mohali Mayor Kulwant Singh said that the NGO said they can fix a unique identification number, embedded on a microchip, under the skin of a stray dog. It will have complete data about the animal. The agenda point may also be brought up in the forthcoming MC house meet.

They also said that the process will create a data bank on the number of stray and pet dogs in the city, an NGO delivered a presentation in front of MC official and councilors in this regard.

The mayor said, “The NGO has claimed it will fix a chip in each stray dog, containing complete information about the animal and will also conduct zone-wise census of stray dogs. The NGO will also conduct sterilization and dog catching activity on existing rates. We have decided to raise the agenda point in the next house meet to get clearance of the house.”

Explaining the advantages of fixing a chip in a stray dog, NGO representative Nilesh said digital identification of pet dogs will replace the conventional cumbersome procedure of granting licenses for pets.

About Chip

“The chip implant, an integrated circuit placed under the skin of the animal, will allow officials to maintain complete information about the dog, including its age and vaccination details and the owner’s name and address,” he said.

The size of the chip is about a large grain of rice with a 14-digit number, uses passive radio frequency identification technology to identify animals. It will be injected under the neck of the animal in a simple process.

Reference: The Times of India

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