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Friday , August 16 2019
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Mohali MC stray dogs issue

Mohali Civic Body Fails To Reveal Stray Count & Pet Dog Registration Data

The Mohali administration and municipal corporation have no idea how many stray and pet dogs are there in the city. Stray dog menace has been quite a prevalent issue in the past, still the civic body is clueless on what steps to take to curb the menace and control the stray dog population.

The civic body has failed to reveal the number of stray dogs in the city and how many pet dog registrations were issued so far.

No real numbers revealed

The sanitation department of the Mohali MC believes that there are over 5000 stray dogs in the city. The adjoining cities like Chandigarh and Panchkula MC have complete data of the number of stray dogs in their city. According to the 2011 census, there are around 8000 stray dogs in Chandigarh, which may have increased to 10,000 by now, and in Panchkula there are over 4500 stray dogs.

No sterilization data

Mohali municipal corporation official say that an official letter was sent informing the administration about outsourcing of the sterilization of stray dogs to a third-party company. According to sources at Mohali MC, the company was responsible for conducting regular surveys to help identify areas from where most of the stray dog menace cases were being reported. However, no data has been presented to the civic body so far.

Deputy Commissioner Gurpreet Kaur Sapra said, “I am not aware of any such letter as yet but if it has been written them administration will help the MC in carrying out the census of stray dogs. But primarily it is the job of the municipal corporation to get the count conducted.”

Kanu Thind, Municipal Corporation Joint Commissioner said that as of June 2017, the municipal corporation of Mohali has sterilized 1835 dogs. In the last two years, 3083 stray dogs have been sterilized by the civic body. The ABC (Animal Birth Control) programme is being conducted at an operation theater in cattle pound in Industrial Area. Phase III.

With stray dog bite cases rising in the city of Mohali with up to 10 cases per day, it has become important for the civic body to look into the matter seriously and find a resolution for the rising stray dog issue in the city.

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