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Thursday , May 28 2020
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mLoyal | India’s First Mobile Pet Crematorium To Give Your Pets A Right Farewell

Farewells are never easy, especially when it is our beloved pets. It is heartbreaking to see your pet pass away. There is nothing much we can do when it comes to life and death, but to give them a proper farewell is in our hands.

mLoyal Pet management is a startup that offers 360 degree pet service in India and have started India’s first mobile crematorium for pets. The startup in based in Jaipur and they offer all kinds of pet related services from adoption to cremation and everything else in between.

Mobile Crematorium

The mLoyal app was launched last month and it has conducted over 8 pet funerals so far. Pets such as dogs, cats, birds, hamsters and stray animals which weigh a maximum of 50 kg can be incinerated in this mobile crematorium. The charges can be from Rs. 3000 to Rs. 7000, depending upon the weight of the animal. A small price to ensure right farewell for our beloved furry friend.

As per Ministry of Environments and Forests, burial of dead animals is only allowed in rural sections of India where the human population isn’t more than 5 lakh. So if the people in the urban areas need their beloved pets to be cremated close to where they live, they face a lot of problems. Burying dead animals close to house invites a lot of flak from neighbors and authorities. The startup founder, Mr Nipun says, “We clearly mention to our clients who call us to their place to get their pets cremated that the onus of dealing with objecting neighbours shall be on them. We can stand by them and try to convince, but if they insist and the pet owner fails to convince them, then we pack up and leave. We alternatively have a fixed location where people can take their pets and have them cremated.”

One Incident

Nipun adds, “A local resident, Siddharth Saboo, had a lovely three-month-old Labrador baby who collapsed one evening after a few weeks of pneumonia-like symptoms. He called us at 5 pm with the little dog’s dead body in the boot of his car. He was prepared to bury her in some empty, secluded place. We immediately got the crematorium to his place and in 30 minutes the body was reduced to ashes and the pet parents got memorabilia for life — her paw impression on plaster of Paris — and ashes in an urn.”

mLoyal App

The company calls itself as a ‘360-degree pet service provider and aggregator’ that caters to all services related to pets – from adoption, insurance to selling home-made food and goodies for pets. They also have a health and grooming tracker for pets.

mLoyal Pet Management app has over 3,500 users in the country and its funded by the founders and four other members of the team. Additionally, the company has raised a loan from the Bank of India and is currently seeking funding from angel investors.

They plan to extend their crematorium service to at least nine cities of India in the next 5 years with a target of over 50,000 app users.

Reference: YourStory

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