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Saturday , March 23 2019
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Man Shot Dead For Throwing Stones At A Pet Dog In Delhi

Recently, a 30-year-old man was allegedly shot dead by a dog owner in Delhi on 6 January 2018.

People usually are very close to their pets and even consider them as their children. But how far would anyone go for their pets? This recent news coming from Delhi, where a 30- year-old man named Ashfaq was allegedly shot dead by a pet owner has shocked a many people and received mixed reactions.

What happened?

Ashfaq, the victim was walking down in an area in north east Delhi when a dog started barking at him furiously. According to sources, Ashfaq threw some stones at the dog as it tried to bite him. To get the dog away from him, he tried to shoo him. However, the dog lunged at him causing Ashfaq to throw stones at the dog.

The dog owner named Mehtab, saw Ashfaw throwing stones at the dog, and he came out and shot him in anger. Ashfaq was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital where he succummed to his injuries.

The dog owner is now absconding and further investigation is being done by the police to ensure there wasn’t any other motive behind the shooting.

Image credit: NDTV

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