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Saturday , February 22 2020
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Banu For The Love Of Dogs

Man Buys An Ambulance For Dogs After Saving For 10 Years


Yes, we believe in this as we have seen the goodness in some people. The world is full of cruel people, but if you cut through the worldly noise, you’ll definitely bump into some heartwarming tales of human that are fueled by their passion. Balu’s story is one of those who bought an ambulance for dogs.

Meet Balu, who belongs to the stray animals.

Balu is a kindhearted person from Pune, India. He is a simple man who just wants to help animals. He is so much dedicated to animals that he spent his 10 years worth of savings to buy an ambulance to help stray animals in the case of an emergency.

Balu Ambulance

Balu is not a veterinarian, but he has learned what he needs to do to handle any emergency situation. He uses his ambulance to take the hurt dogs to the veterinary doctors for treatment.

Stray Dog

Balu told Open Road India, “I was a little afraid of dogs. Now this is my life, I cannot leave this. I will keep doing this forever.”

Other than his ambulance service, he also takes care of sick dogs and cats in his home. He is married to a woman who also love dogs.

He charges 16 Indian rupees per kilometers for pick-up and drop-off services from the dog owners who need his service. He uses this money to take care of homeless dogs.

Balu And Homeless Dog

As a dog lover, he himself keeps 5-6 stray dogs in his home. It’s his unique way of helping local animal shelters that are almost filled to capacity.

However, Balu says, “A lot of people love what we do, but not everyone appreciate the work that we do for the homeless dogs, which are often seen as a nuisance.”

Watch Balu’s full story via Open Road India below:

A story of such kindhearted person makes us believe that humanity still exists in this world.  Share your inspiring stories with us to get them published by us and to tell everyone that our planet is still a better place to live.

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