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Thursday , May 28 2020
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KMC To Start Another Dog Sterilization Center

The Kolhapur Municipal Corporation (KMC) is going to start a second centre for sterilization of stray dogs. Currently, sterilization of stray dogs is being carried out at the centre in Shendapark. However, the facility is inadequate to keep the dogs there for a long time.

According to a civic official, 15 dogs are sterilized every day, but around 30 to 35 dogs are being caught on a daily basis.

“The site for setting up of another centre is not fixed yet, however, officials claim that the centre may come up in the E ward from where the large number of stray dogs are caught every day,” he said.

A senior health official of KMC said,” We are unable to keep the dogs in large number at the facility in Shendapark.We have to empty the area every week and many dogs are let go without sterilization. Now, we have decided to start another facility somewhere in the E ward. We are looking for abandoned buildings where the facility can be started. Adequate staff will be assigned and an additional dog van will be procured.”

Last year, dog bite cases had gone above 300 as recorded with Chhatrapati Pramila Raje Civil Hospital. As per Animal Birth Control Regulation of 2001, only sterilization is prescribed to bring the population of stray dogs under control.

“Since the start of the facility of Shendapark, we have sterilized over 700 dogs. On the other hand the actual number of stray dogs is more than 4,000 in the city and the number has been increasing. We are going to assign the task of sterilization to an NGO,” said the official.

Officials claim that waste dumped on the road side and in open spaces are reason behind growth of stray dogs and their menace. Also, many people abandon their pets due to some diseases or age-related issues.

“In such cases we are going to act against the owners for abandoning their dogs. In some areas the dog menace has come down owing to improved collection of the waste. Localities near slum areas where sanitation issues are not addressed regularly have large number of stray dogs,” a civic official said.

The KMC, last year, had asked citizens not to poison the dogs as it is against the law. Instead, citizens can report to the local sanitation official about the presence of the stray dogs in their localities.

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