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Kharghar Man Held When His Video Of Having Sex With A Stray Dog Goes Viral

Police arrested a 20-year-old man working in a food outlet for having sexual intercourse with a female dog on Wednesday in Kharghar. A court on Thursday directed that he be remanded in police custody till August 26.

The incident took place on August 15, and was revealed after a video of the act went viral, animal rights activist from Kamothe, Vijay Rangare said.

“A group of students had visited a friend in a nearby locality. One of them saw the incident from the balcony. The students were shocked and did not know what should be done. They saw the man having intercourse with the dog, and shot the video when the accused started making the dog have oral sex with him,” Rangare was quoted by The Hindu.

The animal rights activist tracked down the accused, Munmun Kumar Govardhan Kumar Ram, to Sector 4, Kharghar, after he saw the posts on the social media with the location tag on August 16.

Kahrghar police were at first reluctant to register a complaint under Section 377 (unnatural sex) of the Indian Penal Code because the evidence, the video, did not depict the act of penetrative sex, which falls under the relevant section.

The FIR was later filed after Meet Ashar, lead emergency response coordinator for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India, approached the Navi Mumbai Police Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner of Zone II.

Mr Rangare was quoted as saying, “By Wednesday, I managed to trace the eyewitnesses who told the police that the man had also done penetrative sexual assault on the dog.”

“I skipped my office for four days for this case because what the man did was inhuman. He could be a repeat offender and could also target children in future,” he added.

Police said that the animal in question was close to the accused, as it would sleep outside the eatery and Ram would feed it everyday.

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