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Friday , April 10 2020
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Kapil Sharma

Kapil Sharma’s Pet Dog Keeps Jackie Chan Entertained

Kapil Sharma’s pet dog Zanjeer is quite special to him. In fact, he takes his dog to his show on every shoot too. So, when Jackie Chan came to his show to promote his next movie, they were delightfully greeted by Kapil’s pet dog Zanjeer. Jackie Chan who is a also a pet owner and dog lover felt surprised and loved seeing Zanjeer on the set.

Kapil Sharma_1

Kapil Sharma playing with Zanjeer

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Zanjeer keeps Jackie Chan entertained

In every break, during the show, Zanjeer would go on stage and play with Sonu Sood and Jackie Chan. He seemed pretty fond of both them and kept wagging its tail, when they pet him. The crew of the show also says that the dog is extremely friendly and everyone loves to hang around with Zanjeer.

“Jackie fondly caressed the dog and was patting it. On one occasion, the dog started playing with a ball and once he even ran around with Kapil’s seat cushion. He even went and leaned on the floor near Jackie’s feet,” says an eye witness from the set.

Kapil Sharma_4

Kapil adopted Zanjeer

Zanjeer was an abandoned dog that Kapil adopted. He says that he got him from a couple of his dear friends who work as a pilot. His friend gave up her job to look after abandoned animals and birds. During one of his visits to their place, he met Zanjeer.

“He used to be a police dog, but has now been abandoned. I immediately fell in love with him. My father used to be in the police service. He died when I was only 15. When my mother saw Zanjeer she immediately said, ‘Your father has sent him to us.’ In no time at all he has become everyone’s favourite at my work and at home.”

Kapil believes in adoption and advises that everyone should go for adoption rather than buying a dog. He also talks about abandonment of dogs as they get older.

“Please don’t abandon them when they grow older. People eagerly and happily bring home dogs when they are cute puppies. But when the puppies grow into dogs they no longer find them cute. The dogs become a burden on the family. They take him and abandon him somewhere far away from home. This is as inhuman as abandoning your own children, Please don’t bring pets home unless you are confident you can look after them all their lives.”

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