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Tuesday , February 25 2020
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Gulgul the savior indie dog
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Indie Pet Dog Fights Off Gun Carrying Burglars To Save Family

It is one of those instances when your trust strengthens more towards your pet dog. This story comes from Kolkata, where a family’s indie pet dog took on gun carrying burglars to save the lives of his family members.

Gulgul, an indie who was picked by the Roys from a park. The dog instantly took liking to Surajit Roy, who adopted the dog and brought him home.

Recently, when some gun-totting burglars tried to raid their home in Kasba (a locality in Kolkata), their adopted indie dog Gulgul came to rescue. As the burglar tried to open fire on Surajit’s mother, Gulgul jumped on the man holding the gun, spoiling his aim. He chased the men out of the house, saving Surajit’s mother’s life.

“He not only saved my mother but all of us because the goons were trying to set our house on fire. If Gulgul had not alerted us with his barks, we would not be alive today. All of us are indebted to him,” said Roy.

Now, Gulgul has become somewhat a celebrity in the locality, with neighbors, relatives and children visiting him and offering him food, treats and gifts.

While Gulgul didn’t understand the sudden affection, he seemed to enjoy all the attention, treats and gifts. Surajit’s wife made him his favorite meal and also gave him cake for his extraordinary act of bravery.

Reference: Times of India

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