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Thursday , May 23 2019
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ABC Programme To Curb Stray Dog Menace

Hyderabad MC Launches ABC Programme To Curb Stray Dog Menace

Recently, the Blue Cross of Hyderabad in collaboration with Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) launched an Animal Birth Control programme in Hyderabad.

According to Blue Cross, the programme will focus on reducing stray dog population in Miyapur, located in GHMC West. The ABC model initiative is set to combine with the Swacch Bharat mission, with an aim to control stray dog population by reducing garbage available for dogs to thrive.

Amala Akkineni, Chairperson of Blue Cross said, “One pair of breeding stray dogs can give rise to 2,000 puppies in their lifetime. Seeing the increase in the stray dog population, we have raised funds to implement and execute the Animal-Birth Control/Anti-Rabies Vaccine (ABC/ARV) programme in one focused circle in GHMC West Zone.”

Human garbage one of the reasons behind the increasing dog population

“Human garbage attracts and breeds stray animals across India. Our stray dog issues cannot be resolved until communities corporate with GHMC to take up garbage disposal very responsibly. The temporary solution of killing dogs or removing dogs, does not help, because new dogs will appear, migrating to feed on the garbage available. These dogs could breed, bite and carry rabies into the community” Amala added.

Amala Akkineni said one breeding pair of stray dogs can give rise to 2,000 in their lifetime. She said a sensible and scientific solution to deal with the situation of stray dog issues effecting society is Neutering and vaccinating them.

Apart from this the GHMC is also implementing “Maa Inti Nestham Programme” under which stray dogs/ puppy are being given for adoption. It is also establishing “Pet Parks” in its West Zone where people and their pets can walk, exercise and have common recreation.

Reference : The Hindu

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