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Summer Vacation With Dogs

How Kids Can Enjoy Their Summer Vacation With Dogs

Summer vacations are best time for parents to spend some quality time with their kids and help them learn new things in the process. However, it can be quite challenging for parents to get their kids involved in something academic like reading, or teaching them valuable lessons of life during summer vacations. However, involving a pet dog could be an interesting way to get kids to learn new things during the summer vacation. If you don’t have a dog, then a neighbor’s dog, or even a dog from a local shelter can do the trick.

Incorporating pet-related activities into daily routine is the key to getting children to enjoy learning during the summer vacations. Here are few activities that would help your kids enjoy their summer vacation with dogs:

1. Reading to a dog

summer vacation with dogs 1

Dogs are much more than furry friends who rolls over for treats. They are excellent listeners. If your kids are shy readers then reading to a dog will give them an excellent confidence boost. A study from the University of California confirms that reading to your dog can actually improve a person’s reading skills. The best thing is that dogs never judge. So, even if your kid messes up reading, the dogs would still enjoy the company and make them feel secure and confident.

2. Walking the dog

summer vacation with dogs 2

Spending summer vacation with dogs is perfect for the kids. The morning weather is extremely pleasant and children could have some fun outdoor time with the dogs. Nowadays, kids are quite tech savvy, so they can use various fitness apps while taking their dog for a walk and count the miles they cover. This would definitely improve some math skills in the children. You can also give your kids weekly challenges such as counting how many steps their dog has taken and compare it to theirs. Walking will also improve the physical health of your kids.

3. Teach them the value of money

summer vacation with dogs 3

Spending summer vacation with dogs can teach kids the value of money. Kids can learn this valuable life skill by engaging in activities such as pet sitting, pet walking, or pet washing business. You can teach your kids valuable lessons by organizing and overseeing these activities. They can learn about responsibility, wealth management, etc. You can teach kids about earning, saving, investing and charity. These life lessons will come in handy when they start asking for daily allowances or in later life when they start working. Good money managing skills are imperative to survive in the current world.

4. Creating toys/stuff for dogs

summer vacation with dogs 4

Let your kids be creative! You can have your kids prepare creative toys for their pet dog. Give them some unused material from the house itself such as empty boxes, containers, paper, piece of cloth, rope etc. They can create dog beds, paper balls, stuff toys etc. These hands-on activities are highly stimulating for the brain.

If you have any more ideas to engage kids with dogs during summer vacations, then feel free to share with us in the comments below!

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