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How Far Would You Go To Save One Ordinary Street Dog?

Love has no cost and no definition!

This is an inspiring story of an ordinary street dog of India named Bruno. He was on the verge of being put down (euthanized) as there was no way out. Until miracles occurred.

So many people got together to save his life by donating generously towards his life changing surgery.

Read here the story of success of never giving up on your loved one!

Bruno’s story

  1. Bruno is an Indian male street dog aged 1 year 4 months approx.
  2. On Aug 29, 2017, I found him with his testicular area full of maggots.
  3. Same day, I got him caught by a private dog catcher and sent to an NGO.
  4. Resident doctor of the NGO performed an Urethrostomy surgery on him as area and parts of ureter was necrosed badly by maggots.
  5. Surgery was successful but after a month or so his urine passage was closing as the wound was healing.
  6. It meant Bruno did not have an opening to pass urine anymore.
  7. Resident doctor used to insert catheter everyday and take out his urine manually.
  8. But eventually he said that Bruno’s area would get damaged badly and he’d have to be put down.
  9. Out of desperation I started finding if it had an alternative and if there was any specialist who could save Bruno’s life.
  10. Fortunately I found Dr. Gautam Anand, a senior surgeon who was trained in the US for performing these kind of complicated surgeries.
  11. I took Bruno for a check up with him.
  12. Surgery was planned on 29th Nov 2017.
  13. I had no time only 48 hours to raise Rs.15,000 for the surgery.
  14. Miraculously money was raised within 12 hours of my online campaign. Strangers,  total strangers pitched in generously for his life changing surgery.
  15. Dr. Gautam Anand along with his team of doctors including Dr. Manu performed the hour long complicated surgery.
  16. Fortunately Dr. Anand was able to find a little bit of ureter to stitch back.
  17. Bruno was transported back to NGO after surgery but he started bleeding so was sent back to Dr. Anand’s clinic for 10 more days of Post operative care.
  18. I needed to raise another Rs.15,000 for post operative care. Within no time again,  money got raised. Money started pouring in for our little Bruno. The ordinary street dog.
  19. I decided that for best care Bruno should be kept in a private boarding till he finds a forever home.
  20. Fortunately again we found the best boarding called Paws Pet Boarding run by 2 wonderful guys, Sam & Jitten.
  21. Bruno now leads his dream life playing all day with their pet Ponchi, Choti and other dogs who come for boarding like Sky, Boo, Chiki, another Bruno etc.
  22. Total money spent till now on Bruno including money given to Ngo, surgery,  post op care,  boarding fees,  checkup with doctor etc. is more than Rs.1,00,000 (all coming as donations from various people through online campaigns on facebook and other social media)
  23. Every month with the help of 2 wonderful friends and sponsors,  I pay 10,000 to Paws Pet Boarding so that Bruno can continue to lead his dream life to he finds his forever dream home.

So it all came down to this…

How far will you go to save Someone you love? In this case,  Bruno,  the ordinary street dog…. But I loved him unconditionally and that meant I could never give up on him till I could..

If it can work for BRUNO, it will work for others too.


Please Never ever give up on your dog 🙂

Author Bio

My name is Anjali Kakati. I am an Assamese from the NE State Assam. I came to Delhi in the VII Std on a fully funded sports scholarship from Sports Authority of India being a National Level Table Tennis Player. I also run a small feeding charity called Each One Feed One in South Delhi everyday for the last 10 years.

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