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Wednesday , May 27 2020
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A Shelter Dog

Heartwarming Story Of A Shelter Dog With A Happy Ending

It is noble to adopt a dog and give it a forever home. However, this noble act also requires you to make a promise to accept that dog without any conditions.

This is a story of a dog that got rescued from a shelter by a wonderful family.

A Perfect Fit

When the family adopted this dog and brought it home, they found him to be one of the happiest dogs in the world, who would happily reciprocate their love 10 times more and in every way possible. However, they noticed one habit of the dog that stood out.

The longing stare…

Every night during the bedtime, the dog used to just sit outside the bedroom and keep staring at the owners sleeping inside. The family found the habit quite interesting and were intrigued by this unusual behavior of the dog. They thought that this habit has due to new surrounding and the dog trying to fit in it. They hoped that this habit will eventually stop. But it didn’t. Every morning, they would see the dog sitting at the same spot and staring at them. They figured out that the dog didn’t sleep at night.

Trip to the vet…

Taking into notice this unusual behavior of their newly adopted dog, they took him to their vet for a checkup in order to figure out why their dog was behaving in such manner. But the vet couldn’t help them with the answers. He did a thorough physical examination and concluded that the dog was 100% healthy and there was nothing wrong with him physically. But the reason behind the dog’s unusual behavior was still unknown.

Back to Shelter…

Still intrigued by their dog’s behavior, the family went back to the shelter from where they had rescued the dog. They wanted to know everything about their rescued dog and about its previous families – whether they noticed this unusual behavior or not!  What they found out – broke their hearts.

The people at shelter told them how the dog landed at their doorstep. It was a night time, when the previous owners of the dog decided to abandon him. They sedated the dog unconcious and dropped it at the shelter. When the dog woke up in the morning, he couldn’t find his owners. Since then the dog has a fear of abandonment and avoids sleeping at nights.

As the story brought tears to their eyes, they hurried back home and immediately placed their dog’s bed right beside their own, in their bedroom. They wanted their dog to realize that he will not be abandoned. They wanted to express that this is his forever family and home.

Happy Ending!

Soon, the dog soon realized that this family was special. He learned to trust and now sleeps peacefully right beside his family throughout the night. He finally found his forever home and family!

If you like this story, please share it with others and encourage people to adopt dogs. And if you adopt, be prepared to take care of that dog for his whole lifetime. Never abandon a dog!

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