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Saturday , March 28 2020
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Halloween Dog Parade Will Happen In New York City

Many pet owners showed their anger when Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade in Manhattan got cancelled due to insurance issues. However, as per the recent updates, the good news is on the cards for the pet owners who want to celebrate Halloween with their pets. Several community leaders and a reputed TV network have stepped in to keep the event live.

A local civic group Good Old Lower East Side and television network ESPN has confirmed that the Halloween parade will now happen at a new location. The event will be held on 28 October from 12 p.m. onward at the amphitheater in East River Park.

“People wondered what we could do to kind of rally and make it happen. These are people who really love dogs.” said Ms. Rivera, a Democrat.

History of the parade

It all started around 28 years ago. The event helped raise money for Tompkins Square Park dog run. Since its inception, numerous volunteers have raised over $250,000 through sponsorships.

Why it was cancelled?

Mr. Rosso canceled the event as the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation asked parade organizers to take out a $1 million insurance policy for the event. Such high insurance for a non-profit sponsorship seemed unreasonable as the event is directed to help the city park.

Influential people & a network stepped in

The host of the “Always Late” show on ESPN+, Katie Nolan will be hosting the event. ESPN has donated $10,000 to the City Parks Foundation. The Good Old Lower East Side will also help in funding and keeping up with the insurance requirements.

What the residents say

“I think the pet community of Tompkins Square Park is the foundation of the pet community around the city,” said Ada Nieves, a local dog owner who has co-hosted the parade.

 “It’s nice that we were able to keep this event going for this year. This is one New York City tradition that I think people will like to see endure, no matter where it’s held and whatever form,” said Ms. Moriarty.

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