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Friday , April 10 2020
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Foreign Breeds Steal Trichy Dog Show

The dog show organized by the animal husbandry department at Thennur exhibition ground on Sunday evening saw exotic pet dog breeds outnumbering native ones. Some of the very rare exotic dogs in the city enthralled the public by displaying a high-level of obedience to their masters such as collecting the ball and giving a handshake.

Held for the past five years, Trichy dog show this time attracted several first-timers to the venue, mostly youngsters rearing pet dogs. Around 15 breeds of mostly exotic dog breeds took part in the show. Judges identified by the animal husbandry department checked for the cleanliness, obedience and breed purity of the participating animals to award prizes. Best pet dogs in each of the 15 dog breeds were awarded a shield each. Pet dog owners claimed that rearing their pets helped them stay healthy mentally as well as physically.

“I avoid going outstation to attend family events in order to take care of two of my pet dogs. After completing my work, interacting with them for a few hours serves as a stress buster,” A Lenin, owner of two Rajapalayam dogs, named Tiger and Pinky, told TOI.

Veterinarians checked the health of pet dogs and whether they were vaccinated before letting them participate in the show. Very rare dog breeds such as Siberian Husky and Great Dane stole the show due to their unique appearance.

“I have been keeping my dog (Husky) in an airconditioned room round the clock as he will not adapt to Trichy’s weather condition. Though he looks aggressive, Husky behaves like a kid,” S Samidas, its owner from Thiruverumbur said.

The Great Dane name Bhairav Zimba belonging to one Anusha Priya of Kattur, which was 2.5 feet tall, was among the massive dog breeds which appeared in the show besides Boxer and German Shepherd.

“Maapillai (a Beagle dog breed’s name) is an expensive guy to feed and take care of. Feed alone costs Rs 5,000 per week,” Sibi Jawahar, a pet dog owner said.

Around 50 dogs displayed their listening and obedience skills in front of the jury.

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