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Face-Recognition App To Be Developed By BBMP For Tracking Stray Dogs

BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike) is going to have a Face-recognition app developed in order to track stray dogs in the city. The Bengaluru animal husbandry cell of the Municipal Corporation is set to come up with this Shvana App. Reportedly, this face-recognition mobile app will help the officials monitor the number of sterilized stray dogs in the city.

The deputy director of the Animal Husbandry Cell, Shri. Shashikumar S, reportedly said that the app is going to be developed in order to prevent confusion among various zone officials who catch stray dogs for sterilization. This app will let them know if some stray dogs have moved from another zone of the city. The zonal tenders were called before the polls and soon the details about the app will be disclosed to the public.

As per information, each zonal tender is valid at INR 50 lakh. It is noticed that many of the dogs that were captured and sterilized moved to new areas. This confuses the zonal MC. This app will resolve the confusion and help effectively execute the ABC program. There were 46,151 dogs sterilized in the year 2018-19, so far.

The app will be available for BBMP zonal officers and animal birth control (ABC) staff to make their jobs easier. According to sources, the app will identify each dog as it will include the dog’s photograph and sterilization details. As the sterilized dogs will be GPS tagged, the app will help identify the original drop location of the dog and in case the dog is caught in another zone, it can be returned to its original zone after confirming its identity via the app.

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