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Tuesday , September 17 2019
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Shih Tzu

Classy and Cute!

Country of Origin: Tibet

Dog Group: Toy

Origin of Name: This Chinese name “Shih Tzu” can be translated as “Little Lion” in English. This breed is also known as Chrysanthemum dog, because its face and hair over the face resembles the petals of the flower Chrysanthemum.


A bit low

Monthly keeping cost




Tendency to Bark:


Breed Info

Life Span - 11 to 12 years

Availability – Easy to get

About Shih Tzu:
It’s pretty hard not to fall in love with this dog breed with open and silky hair flowing in the air and that cute upturned nose that gives this breed classic nobility. However, these majestic toy breeds are extremely lovable, playful and devoted dogs, you’ll ever see. This dog breed can charm people in a minute with their cute antics and funny nature. They love their family members and love to make new friends. They are perfect apartment dogs although they can adapt themselves to a big or a small house as well. They were originally created to company Chinese royalty but soon became popular among every class of people.

Recent studies show that Shih Tzu is one of the 14 oldest dog breeds in the world that can be traced back to 13th century. Marco Polo reported that Kubla Khan, the Mongolian Emperor, kept several Shih Tzu-like dogs. In 1928, the first Shih Tzus made their way to England and they formed the beginning of the England Shih Tzu kennel.

Shih Tzus are one of the purest breeds in the world. Despite long hair they shed very less. For people who can’t handle dog shedding, this is the right breed for them. However, they are a sensitive breed and should be protected from hot conditions. Due to flat nose, they wheeze and snore a lot. Some people find it very likable and similar to humans.


Grooming – High

Drooling – No

Bath – Regular

Climate adaptability –loves cold weather.

Exercise Requirement – Not much required

Hair & Coat

Under Coat-Yes


Coat Type-Long

Hair Length- Flowing

Hair Density-Dense


Shih Tzus are generally a healthy breed but they are prone to genetic or hereditary disorders. They are also prone to allergies. However, their allergies can be easily treated with medication and dietary changes.

Other common issues:

Juvenile renal dysplasia - This is a genetic condition and effects the kidneys. The kidneys do not develop properly due to this disorder. The only way to confirm this condition is through a risky and invasive biopsy of the kidneys.

They are also be prone to:

Hip dysplasia
Patellar luxation
Bladder infections
Ear infections
Umbilical hernias
reverse sneezing.

Apart from these Shih tzu can also develop eye conditions like Keratitis, Proptosis, Distichiasis and Ectopia cilia


Shih Tzus cannot survive without human companionship, they are bred to be a part of human lives. They are extremely friendly and can easily adapt to different kind of lifestyles. They are a perfect breed for someone living in apartments. However, they can be a bit loud and their bark can be annoying for the neighbors.

They don't need much exercise or space as other dogs. But they can suffer from heat stroke if left in the sun for too long. These are indoor dogs and should be kept in a cool environment.

Training & Intelligence

As they are accustomed to be known as nobility, they can be a bit snobbish while being trained. You have to extra patient and creative while training this dog breed. Reward method with food workd pretty well while training Shih Tzus. A regular training schedule needs to be maintained as they take time to retain information. They can suffer from Small Dog Syndrome, that means they try to challenge large dogs and can get hurt if not under supervision.


Litter Size-2 to 4 puppies (approximately)

Complication in Breeding-No


They get sexually matured somewhere around six to nine months. They can start procreating once they reach 2 years of age. They can give birth to 2-4 puppies at a time without any complications. However, a vet supervision is recommended if you are a first time owner

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