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Yes, they like boxing!

Country of Origin: Germany

Dog Group: Working

Origin of Name: There has been some debate over the origin of the name “boxer” dog. This breed got its name for its ability to stand aptly on its hind legs and hold a boxer like position, similar to human boxing pose. Whatever the origin of its name is, we believe boxer suits perfectly for this breed!


A bit low

Monthly keeping cost




Tendency to Bark:

Very Less

Breed Info

Life Span -11 - 12 years

Availability - Easy to get

This is one of the happiest dog breeds in the entire canine world. You can see their happiness and joy of living in their eyes. Boxers are burly, medium sized dogs that originated in Germany. They like to stand on their hind legs and pose a boxer like pose.

They are good working dogs and known as one of the most lovable dog breeds. They are highly popular and famous worldwide. They are excellent house pets and amazing with kids but you have to keep your energy level up to the mark if you want to own a boxer dog. They develop deep and emotional attachment to their owners and crave constant attention.


Grooming – Very less attention required

Drooling – No

Bath – Rare

Climate adaptability – Can handle heat and cold weather easily.

Exercise Requirement- Lots

Hair & Coat

Under Coat – No

Color - Brindle/Fawn

Coat Type – Short

Hair Length – Short

Hair Density – Light


boxers are generally healthy breed but don’t forget to check the medical history of their parents to make sure that they don’t have any hereditary or genetic condition.


Hip Dysplasia

Aortic Stenosis



Skin diseases


Boxers love to play and are extremely cheerful dogs. They are alert, watchful, loyal, obedient, affectionate and self-assured in nature. They are protective and one of the perfect family dogs. They need 1 – 2 vigorous hours of exercise daily to keep them engaged physically and mentally. This breed craves human attention and suffers from separation anxiety. They like socializing and love kids. They work well with other pets in your house too.

Training & Intelligence
They are considered one of the intelligent breeds but do require a strict training routine. If you are a first time dog owner then consider seeking assistance of a professional trainer or canine behaviorists. Boxers need a comprehensive training regime with lots of activities. These are highly energetic and strong dogs. You have to keep in mind that they come from a working dog category. Training should start at an early age and start with house training as soon as you get the puppy to home.

They can give birth to 6 - 9 puppies at a time (Approx.)

Complication in Breeding – No

Boxers tend to reach maturity quite late around 3 years of age. Proper understanding of medical histories is imperative if you are planning to mate your boxer. If you are a first time pet parent, seek medical advice to ensure that the mating and breeding process is comfortable for both the dogs. Consult your Vet for assistance.

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