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Thursday , May 28 2020
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dog welcome newborn baby girl

Dog Welcomes Newborn Baby Girl In The Family

Get ready to be overwhelmed with emotions! 

A family dog is introduced to the newest member of the family – a newborn girl and its way of welcoming the baby is just so adorable! The dog has a complete understanding of the happy occasion and greets the infant and its mother with licks filled with love.

The clip is from Milan, Italy, and the dog is named Pinta. It licks three-day-old Gaia on her face to shower her affection and the gesture just bowls us over.

We are sure Pinta will take all the care in the world of Gaia as she grows up. The puppy is already showing enough expression for its human companion and the bonding will only get deeper as time progresses.

Can anything be cuter than this?

Video via: Newsflare

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