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Thursday , May 23 2019
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Dog Show Organized In Kapurthala, Punjab

Recently, a dog show was organized in the Science city, Kapurthala on 28 January. Mohammad Tayyab, Deputy Commissioner of the Kapurthala, was the chief guest of the show.

Mr. Mohammad said that dogs not only offered love and affection to humans, but also worked side by side with humans for centuries.

Highlighting the role of dogs in crime detection, the DC said, “A well trained sniffer dog is used in detection of explosives, illegal drug, theft and various other crimes.”

Around 150 dogs of 40 different breeds participated in the dog show.  Owners from Punjab and other states demonstrated their pets and their skills during the show.

HS Aulakh from Chandigarh and Avninder Grewal from Ludhiana were the judges of dog show.

Many native breeds like the Caravan Hound, Raja Palayam Hound, Rampur Hound, Venjari Hound, Santal Hound, Indian Mastiff, Indian Pariah Dog, Himalayan Sheep Dog and Bullu Kutta were also seen in the dog show.

on the occasion said, humans and dogs share a long intertwined history and the organization of annual dog show at Science City was an occasion for its visitors to explore diversity as well as to showcase their pets and interact with breeders.

“This show is meant to bring awareness among general masses about domesticated biodiversity and salient features with a focus on various breeds of dogs. The World Canine Organization is the largest registry of dog breeds in the world. It recognizes 339 breeds of dogs divided into 10 groups,” Director Science City, Dr Rajesh Grover said.

Reference: The Tribune

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