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Saturday , March 28 2020
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Dog Saves His Master's Life

Dog Saves His Master’s Life From 3 Lions In Gujarat

A brave pet dog saved his 25-year-old master’s life named Bhavesh Hamir Bharwad from three lions in Ambardi village of Savarkundla, Gujarat. The dog’s owner, Bhavesh, a shepherd, suffered minor injuries on his back after he was attacked by the lions.

The incident took place on Saturday (July 21, 2018) evening when Bharwad was grazing his sheep and goats on the outskirts of the Ambardi village. The lions suddenly came out of nowhere and attacked the herd.

While Bharward tried to save them, one of the lions attacked the herd and killed three sheep. When lions tried to attacked Bhaward, the dog came forward and started barking ferociously at the lions in order to protect his owner.

According to villagers, when they heard the dog’s constant barking they rushed there. The lions fled the spot while seeing humans in large number.

After the incident villagers informed the forest department and Bharwad was sent to the government hospital for the treatment of his injuries.

injured dog owner

Reference: Indian Times

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