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Sunday , March 29 2020
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Ultrasonic device

Dog Repellent Devices To Be Installed In 3 Parks Of Panchkula

Panchkula municipal corporation (MC) is all set to install ultrasonic dog repellent devices in three parks of the city to deal with stray dog menace. The MC will install the instrument in sector 7, 10 and 15 parks in the pilot project.

MC commissioner Rajesh Jogpal said,

“We have already conducted a successful test to ensure the practicality of the instrument. It keeps dogs 70 to 90 metres away from where it is installed. We will put it up in the middle of parks with a view to cover the entire belt in its radius. The frequency of the ultrasonic waves can be increased depending upon the requirement.”

A proper chamber is being constructed to protect the instrument from the rain and direct sunlight.  The chamber with a canopy will be protected with a wire mesh enclosure to shield it from thieves.

Ultrasonic device

The device is safe for Indian dog breeds and has no harmful effects on them.

“This instrument emits high-frequency sound waves not audible to humans but can be heard by dogs,” said Jogpal.

On a trial basis he had bought 10 handheld ultrasonic dog repellents and out of these, two have been given to dog bite victims for testing.  The hand-held instruments have lesser range but those to be installed in parks have a larger radius of effectiveness.

The municipal corporation commissioner said these devices were commonly used in western countries and were not harmful to animals.

Anil Garg a leading veterinary, said, “The instrument emits sound waves over 20,000 hertz audible to dogs. It produces a sound which repels dogs. It has no harmful effect on them.”

Reference: The Times of India

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