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Crocodile attacked the dog owner

Dog Owner Loses Arm While Fighting A Crocodile To Save His Pet Dogs

Recently, a 26- year old, Mudit Dandwate, founder and CEO of a startup in Bengaluru lost his arm while fighting a crocodile that tried to attack his dogs. The incident took place on Sunday, when Mudit choose to enter a restricted area of Bengaluru’s Thattekere Lake in Ramanagara district, 46 km from Bengaluru.

Dandwate, originally from Nagpur, was out on a trekking expedition along with a friend and two pet dogs, when the incident happened.

Crocodile attacked the dog owner

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When they were crossing the lake, his dogs got excited to see a water body and jumped into the lake. Mudit, worried about his dogs, jumped into the lake to help them out of the water but failed to notice the signboard that warned of the presence of crocodiles in the lake.

When he was trying to help his dogs out, a crocodile attacked Mudit and ripped off his left arm from below the elbow, his friend told the police.

After the incident, he was immediately taken to a local hospital, Hosmat, for first aid. He is recovering now.


Thomas Chandy, Chief of Orthopedics said, “A crocodile bite is powerful and has crushed the arm, just like in the case of any industrial accident. But crocodile bite is toxic as well. So we are currently performing medical procedure called debridement, where is hand is being cleaned several time to make sure there is no infection.”

The chances of Mudit regaining his arm are bleak and that the doctors said he would be given a prosthetic arm in another three months.

Dr Ajith Benedict Rayan, Medical Director of Hosmat hospital said, “His condition is stabilized and he is now out of the ICU and in a ward.”

Case for entering a restricted area

B Ramesh, Ramanagara SP said that a case has been filed against Dandwate for entering a restricted forest area without permission. The forest department has now taken over the investigation.

Reference: Indiatoday

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