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Dog Meat Trade In Tripura Slowed Down With The Help Of An NGO

An NGO of animal lovers called Pawsome has helped rescue at least 20 dogs from falling victim to dog meat trade in Tripura. They have helped the local police with six arrests who were involved in dog smuggling in the region for meat trade.

Rigved Dutta, secretary of Pawsome said, “It is horrible that dogs are killed for meat. If trade in dog meat is not stopped right away, you might end up eating dog meat in the name of mutton in Tripura.”

They said that the 20 dogs that were rescued, were tied up inside small gunny bags with their mouths sewn to prevent movement. The team recovered these dogs with the help of police at Kailashahar in Unakoti district.

Police confirmed that there were numerous complaints from locals about stray dogs being lifted from their localities in Agartala and suburbs.

The toothless law

“We have got reports that Tripura has replaced Assam as the main collecting point of stray dogs for dog meat. Government of Assam has become strict against picking stray animals. But things are still loose in Tripura where dogs are smuggled through Damcherra,” said Dutta.

According to animal cruelty law, killing or harming a dog or any animal can be charged under Section 428 and 429 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), where the convicted can face imprisonment for two years. But the six people arrested by the police were released on bail at INR 50.

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