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Wednesday , January 22 2020
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Pet Dog Left Outside To Freeze To Death In Indianapolis, US

With polar temperatures troubling the US climate, this year has been exceptionally cold in some regions, and even harsher for the animals. According to sources, a dog was found in a dumpster frozen.

It seems that the dog may have been frozen to death overnight in frigid temperatures, according to reports from various news agencies such as CBS and CNN.

The dog was left outside in a cold wooden outdoor doghouse, despite warnings being issued about cold waves this week.

Indianapolis Animal care services reported in their Facebook post that the dog was picked up and thrown in the dumpster as it meant nothing to the owners.

The IACS Facebook post said, “the small area where the dog spent its last hours had a frozen water bowl and gave you a glimmer of the painful days and nights it suffered before freezing to the ground of its doghouse. The only thing blocking the cold, bitter air was a towel.”

Post and pictures below (WARNING: you may find the details and photos in the Facebook post to be disturbing).


It is illegal in Indianapolis to leave pets outside when the temperature is below 20 degrees Fahrenheit or during a wind-chill warning. One in violation could be fined up to $200.

IACS Tips to keep your pets safe and warm during harsh cold weather

  • The best place for your pet is inside, but if kept outdoors your pet must have access to dry shelter. A structure with space to move around will help shield your animal from the cold winter air.
  • Keep your pet warm and safe by using straw in outdoor shelters, not blankets and towels. Blankets and towels draw moisture and don’t provide as much insulation and warmth as straw.
  • Your pets are just as susceptible to hypothermia and frostbite as you are. Bring them inside as often as you can and, when nature calls, accompany them when they venture outdoors.
  • Make sure you keep water available outside and check the dish every few hours to make sure the water hasn’t frozen over. Consider investing in a heated water dish to avoid the hassle of a frozen water bowl.

Keep your pets inside during this extreme cold conditions and keep them safe.


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