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Thursday , May 23 2019
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Dog Allegedly Raped By 4 Men In Mumbai

Four men allegedly brutalized and gang-raped a male dog in the Malwani area of Malad West, Mumbai. An NGO called ‘Animals Matter To Me’ (AMTM) shared that the dog was taken to the veterinary for treatment. The doctor has stated that the dog is suffering from severe trauma.

A report from Deccan Chronicle says that the dog was seen in Malwani Church area lying in a pool of blood and his genitalia mutilated. Dr. Ankita Pathak, founder of ANTM confirmed to DC that the dog is suffering from severe trauma and doesn’t let anyone come close to him. If anyone tries, he screams and moves away. It appears that someone tried to fold his hind legs near the pelvis.

Dog’s situation

The doctors are trying to stabilize the dog by providing him with pain treatment and reducing the infection caused due to excessive bleeding from the rear region. The vets estimate that the dog has been bleeding for over a day before he was found and taken for treatment.

A local resident, Sudha Fernandes, who is a dog lover, frequently feeds the stray dogs around the neighborhood, saw the dog struggling with pain. When she tried to get near him and offer him food, he started crying and didn’t allow her to pet him.

Witness story

An auto driver told Fernandes that four men who might have been inebriated, raped the dog. He also shared that the dog’s legs were tied while he was sexually abused. The dog’s loud screams alerted the auto driver, by the time he reached the area, the 4 men fled from the location.

Note: This news story is written with reference from a Deccan Chronicle article. The investigation is still in progress and currently all information  is alleged.

UPDATE: 22 November 2018

According to a report by Times of India, the police has confirmed that the medical test on the dog has ruled out sexual assault. The injuries on the dog’s body indicate it was thrashed and tortured. 4 unknown people have been booked in the case for animal cruelty.

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