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Wednesday , July 17 2019
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Sick Stray Dogs

Delhi University Youngsters Take Care Of Sick Stray Dogs

A group of Delhi University youngsters go out of their way to help sick stray dogs at a shelter in the North Campus of the University. Shivam Dewan, a 24-year-old engineer along a group of animal lovers had set up many dog shelters around the area made of cardboards. They have now opened up to crowdfunding to help them build sturdier dog shelters. 

Shivam Dewan’s inspiration to save stray dogs came from an incident when he helped a white Indie stray.


“I live in Paschim Vihar and was assisting a company in Patel Chest to set-up of a café. There I befriended a dog, suffering from malnutrition. I named her Molly. One day, I got a call from a stall owner, asking for help to save Molly,” said Dewan.

He took Molly to Friendicoes, where they learned about her fractured pelvic bone. Her treatment took more than 2 months. During the course of the treatment, Dewan got highly attached to the cause. He sought help from students of neighboring college to create a group for saving stray dogs like Molly.

Dewan along with animal lovers started building shelters, provided food and medicine to numerous stray dogs. Recently, they created shelters made out of brick and mortar for the strays in the University.

Shelter for dogs

Dog shelter in college

“When we saw Molly, we volunteered to help, and that spiralled into a group. At present, we are taking care of three adult dogs and eight pups in shifts,” says Gayatri Misra from Miranda House.

Misra, who hails from Assam, says it’s mostly in the company of these animals that she feels at home.

“It’s important to value these strays because they are also part of our society. Earlier I used to even miss my classes to go and pet the dogs at the shelter. Now that we are busy with our exams, I meet the dogs in the morning shift only. When I’m sad or depressed, they bring a smile on my face,” said Misra.

However, their journey hasn’t been hurdle-free.

“One of the dog shelters was broken by someone. Not all Shopkeepers were happy with our initiative. We are looking for safe environs to build more shelters in the coming months, with the financial help we have sought via crowd funding. To maintain one shelter for six months, the operational cost is about Rs 2500, which includes price of dog’s food, their visits to doctor for vaccination etc. And, if a dog meets with an accident, the cost goes higher,” said Dewan.

With the support of the area’s SHO and animal lovers, we have managed to raise almost Rs 17,000. You can be a part of this noble cause by contributing here.

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Reference: Hindustan Times 

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